I’m so excited that we are on this journey together and you are fully ready to release the blockages that have been holding you back. The power behind any changes we want in life is our attitude. so right at this moment, I would like to ask you to have the attitude of:

“I am going to do this no matter what obstacles come my way. I agree to do all of the tasks asked of me in the week leading up to our call so that I can get the very best out of this program because I am worth it “

Below you will see the next steps in your journey!


Before we begin I want you to read over the client agreement. This will guarantee that everything we go through will not only be confidential but life-changing. If you see any discrepancies or don't agree with the policies & conditions please e-mail me. You can keep a copy for your records as well. Click the button below to download.


I use an app called Voxer to help support you along your journey. You can click the link below to go to Voxer's website and download the App. You can then find me under the username "rglove892". If you have any issues finding me, please message me.



Ok, so now we agree we are ready to do this here are your tasks for the next 7 days:

  1. Journal each evening.

  2. Choose a power word each morning.

  3. Write down all the negative consequences that will happen in your future if you don’t change your thinking patterns and behaviors now.

  4. Listen to the short meditation audio each morning before you start your day.


There is so much power behind journaling it’s an incredible tool. if you’ve never journaled before that’s ok, I had never journaled before until 3 years ago, I hadn’t even written a diary as a child. now I have many huge A4 books all filled with my thoughts and feelings at those times in my life. Your journal is like your best friend, its somewhere that you can go and be completely open and honest, there doesn’t have to be a filter because you’re scared to say something in case it gets perceived in the wrong way by another person, it’s a completely safe space for you to just get whatever is in your head out on the paper. you may feel uncomfortable at first doing this because things have to become habits in life for them to feel comfortable. I strongly recommend that you put your journal by your bed. It is a reminder for you to make sure that every evening before you go to sleep you have given yourself these precious 15 minutes to write your day, that’s YOUR time, and eventually, you’ll start to look forward to this. By getting things out of your head you will sleep better, you will get so many answers as you write, because we all have the answers within us it is just that we do not trust that we do and we have to turn to others for what they think but by doing this you will get more clarity on your own intuition and feelings without opinions of others, there is no right or wrong way to journal.

I suggest you write about your day as it happened, how you felt how you handled it etc do not worry if you can't read it back you will probably never read it again!!

Also, think of 3 things that you are grateful for and add that to the bottom of your day, the power of gratitude is crucial to changing our world as the more we think and focus on the good stuff we have the more of the good stuff is sent to us .. law of attraction!!!

At the top of each new page of each new day id like you to write down your power word. this is a word that will come to you as you wake up, depending on how you feel and what you choose, it could be POWER BELIEVE CONFIDENT FAITH BEAUTY SELF LOVE POSITIVITY LOVE HAPPY EXCITED ENERGISED VIBRANT PROACTIVE CREATIVE .. whatever you decide will be perfect to you those are just some examples but you decide on the morning and then you live by that throughout your day no matter what, you set the intention that this is how my day will be no matter what, in every situation, I will be ……. [ power word ]


At the back of your journal write down ALL the negative consequences that will happen in your future if you do not play all out in this program. By not releasing in this program what you want to release and getting the very best from it  .. what will your life look like if nothing changes now? write it down.

Eg:  How will your relationship with yourself and others look like? what will your career be like? will you have lost friends or even feel more depressed if nothing changes now?! Will you be a great role model for others that you love? This is for you to know that its YOUR time to change your view of life and find YOUR happy through releasing and recognizing all your blockages with this program.

It is OUR responsibility to do the inner work on ourselves, to give to us, to be the very best version we can be for ourselves but also for others because our loved ones deserve to have the best version of us in their lives don’t, they?!!

This comes from selflove, if you love yourself enough to be the best you then everything else will come to you 


Now it's time to book your first call, be sure when you book your call that it is is a week away from your sign-up date. If you have any issues finding availability please reach out to me.