If you are here, I know that you are ready and I know that you are seeking to be healed. Let me take you step by step through the program so that you can see a full picture of how it works and I’ll also give you a little back story about me and why I do what I do!


Step 1. On the very first call you have with me, you will instantly feel inspired, what happens when you feel inspired? you'll feel motivated, what happens when you feel motivated? you'll create progression and what happens when you get progression? you'll create success! That’s the way anything you do in life happens, first you need to feel inspired and we are here to show you how that feels on your very first call with us, so how exciting is that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain win-win!

Step 2. After the first phone call if you decided to go ahead and work with us and we felt we were a fit for each other, then you pay the deposit or the amount in full and we book in our sessions to suit your timetable. Being a “fit” means that after talking with you we are confident that we can get you the results you want from this, we don’t work with anyone that we feel we cannot deliver our promise, and that is that we get the results that YOU decide when we work together and we do not stop until we are there, we have a 100% success rate to date. The whole program takes around 10 hours which we can decide over a few sessions or a couple of days, depending on your schedule. The first session is about finding out the root cause/belief that you have been holding onto about yourself for many years, this is often something like not being good enough or worthy of a failure that subconsciously is hiding in the depths of you. Specific questions are asked that you may never have been asked before just so that we can get to the cause, it doesn’t take long, literally minutes! Nearly all clients feel relieved at this point because they now understand the reasons why they have accepted what they have in their life, why they have allowed things to happen and why they never achieved certain things or felt good enough and know now that it wasn’t their fault and they feel excited that now is the time to change all of that FOREVER!

Step 3. This part takes as long as it takes (usually a couple of hours but everyone is different ) we need every significant event that has ever happened in your life that is connected to the root cause eg; if your root cause was not worthy, then what events have happened in your life that you never felt worthy, starting as a child as way back as you can remember, the great part about this process is that I don’t need to know all of the specific details of the events so you don’t get triggered or have to feel all that trauma again as if you were back there, all I need is a rough age, a brief description of what happened and what emotions are connected to that event, anger? sadness? fear? Hurt? Guilt? We do this until you cannot think of any more events from your past. While you are telling me all of these events I will be listening for any limiting beliefs that you say eg; I cant do this … I'm never going to get this .. I know I'm just not … and then we will be clearing this out too so that you know you can be, do and have anything you want in your life.

Step 4. This is where we will ask you about your relationships with family and anyone close to you and how you feel about them, what emotions are connected to that person etc .. again no great detail is needed if there is someone that makes you feel uncomfortable when you talk about them, but what we do ask is that your play full out in this whole process and be completely honest with us so that we can give you the results you want, we are here at this point to really clear everything out that’s ever held you back so there is no benefit to holding onto anything . its time to let it go so you can find your peace.

Step 5. Values, this is something that blows our client's minds because often we have no idea what our values are in life, relationships, business and when we know what they are a lot of things start to make sense as to why we feel so strongly about some things. Often people will put their needs and fears before their values and that’s when we have conflict within and cant be happy, this has been so powerful for clients to know and they have areal knowing of who they are and what they want from a relationship 


Step 6. Decide a goal, what goal would you like to set in your life? maybe you’ve never had the belief before that you can set a goal for something, in particular, now is the time and you'll know you will be achieving it!

Step 7. Eliciting your timeline, we all store our future and our past in our mind and we will be finding out how you store yours, this is called your timeline,  this could be that your past is behind you and your future is in front of you may see your past to the left of you and your future to the right, whatever and however, its store is perfect for you and that’s fine.

Step 8. Timeline therapy, this is the exciting part now where we get to release those negative emotions using timeline therapy, we release each emotion in this order Anger Sadness Fear Hurt and Guilt, timeline therapy is a simple yet powerful process which I will guide you through, the timeline that we discovered as to where you store your future and your past is what we are going to use. we are going to imagine floating above your timeline over to your past to an event that your subconscious mind wants you to get resolution on that will release firstly Anger, this event is where you FIRST took on that emotion of anger, consciously you won't know what event that was but subconsciously you will get your answer, and that’s what I work with at this point is your subconscious mind. how far back we go into your past is always perfect for you, the emotion could have been taken on generations ago or even in a past life or it may have been between the ages of 0-7yrs as this is where we take on a lot of our programming/beliefs. timeline therapy is also used to clear out any of those limiting beliefs that I said to you that I may have picked up when we were talking! I don’t miss anything, every stone is turned!

Timeline therapy releases the negative emotions by replacing them with your truth, positive learnings is what we call them and, this is what your truth is and its how they are released by your subconscious mind getting resolution, this process is endorsed by Prince Charles, 100% guaranteed to work and only takes as little as 7 minutes to release each negative emotion !!! it was used with the ex-militants at war for when they came back from Afghanistan and places like that and released traumas that they had experienced while there. The process leaves you feeling happy, lighter, free, forgiving, at peace, grateful, understanding, clients are still amazed when they have done the releasing that they can no longer feel the negative emotions on events that they have held onto for years and are now able to talk freely about them, it’s a very magical feeling that is almost indescribable.

Step 9. Test it! we now see if these emotions and beliefs are now gone from your body by going back to those significant events that we talked about at the start and seeing if your emotions to those events are there or gone 100% of clients have experienced them to be gone when tested, and are often left speechless !! They smile and say that they cannot believe how it's gone! and that how something or someone has affected their whole life for so long is now not even a “thing” anymore.

Step 10. We check that your values are still aligned and we set that amazing goal into your timeline, deciding the specific date, the feeling you’ll feel, what it looks like, and all the things you'll be saying to yourself as you achieve it, by using some powerful visualization and music to set it in for you, done deal!!

Step 11. Are we there?  this is where I will be going over everything to make sure we have cleared out and covered everything and that you have the results that you set out in the beginning with me, if anything comes up for you then we will work on that to get the resolution you want.

Step 12. Live your life! Its time to go smash the life you desire, seeing the world through your new eyes, your truth, knowing who you are because you completely broke free from all of your old programmings that wasn’t you and you are now free to live your life on “purpose”. We will set in a time for another call in a weeks time to see how you are getting on and I am contactable via messages whenever something comes up for you, the difference between myself and other coaches I feel is that when you have finished this program I'm still here for you, I get so excited seeing all my clients fly and make amazing decisions in life  that I always want to be a part of your future for as long as you want me to be, there are always options for you to do other programs also which I can keep you up to date with like retreats and other events I host, and as a valued client there are always incentives for you doing other self-development programs with me


As you know, my name is Nicki Jane. My mission and purpose are to empower the lives of women, like yourself, so they can see the truth and beauty of who they really are so they can live life truly happy lives and know that they can have, be, and do anything they desire ..ANYTHING!! I found this to be my passion after being on my own self-discovery journey. All of my life I never had any self-belief, I couldn’t see what others could see in me and I never felt good enough. I didn’t believe I was worthy of so many things and always felt like a failure, and the fact that I never seemed to be able to hit or maintain any goals I set seemed to confirm this to me!

My comfort was food, whenever something in life wasn’t going well or I felt misunderstood or low.. sometimes for no logical reason, I binge ate in secret. I lived with so much hate for myself, I couldn’t look at myself without saying really hurtful things, the food just made me feel worse but I couldn’t stop, I would then carry around so much guilt and would undo all of the hard work I had put into losing weight… I was in a vicious cycle that I just didn’t know how to get out of and I felt like nobody else really understood, there seemed no answers for me .. why could I just not be happy?!!

I compared myself all of the time. and not trusting that I knew what was best for me, listening to the advice of others, and I never said no to anyone, I was a people pleaser because I feared to let others down so even though I would put my own needs to one side to meet theirs, that’s what I did and felt so unhappy, but as long as everyone else was happy then it seemed to be the only way, I hated confrontation and conflict!

All I knew was that I was a good person and making other people happy made me happy, the careers I chose were all based on caring for others, nannying, beauty therapist and care work my heart was full if I let someone else's day and made a difference

My whole life changed when I joined a multi-level marketing company, I had to step out of my comfort zone and talk to people and help them reach their goals, I was good at this but so much of my own worth and belief was holding me back and without the support of my husband I was fighting with myself as to whether I could do this or not.

Then something happened and I was connected to a life-changing man in Sydney, I felt called to have a call with him because a lot of what he said was resonating with me, I made a huge decision after a 1-hour call with him and paid a deposit to go to Sydney and work on my mindset. To cut a long story short (ill leave that for when you read my book!) I went to Sydney, against my husband's wishes, found the money myself of $6000 spent 5 days clearing away all my old belief systems and fears and came back a new woman, a woman I had never met before, a woman that believed in herself, that loved who she was for the first time in her life, a woman that knew what she needed to do to serve herself, empower her children and others and be happy

She left her husband for 24 years! I did it, I knew the gap was too big to mend between us, it had been loveless for many years but I was too fearful to go into the unknown so I stayed uncomfortable being safe.  My life changed, and not just a little, a lot, I woke up and again and again and again to this new exciting, fulfilled, life ! it was amazing, the people that came into my life since then were so energetic and inspiring because that’s what I was vibrating out, I continued to travel to Sydney several times, Bali, the gold coast to get more and more qualifications and experience so I had the tools to change other women's lives and have them feel as empowered as I did 

Overall I spent around $30,000 in 2 years om my self-development, I do not even know how I found the money, the resources or the time to do this as I was being a single mother to my 3 children full time for 12 months of that! 

I'm super proud of myself for all my achievements and the absolute concrete attitude I had that I was not going to stop no matter what until I found my self, my peace And here I am, now able to offer you, you beautiful soul the same peace, and knowing, but without all the pain that I had to go through because what I know now is that if I had someone like me to hold my hand on my journey I would have taken it, for whatever reason, my own learnings .. I didn’t, but I have empathy, the understanding, the knowledge, the compassion, the experiences, the love that makes me the perfect person to connect YOU to YOU.