Our core energy will influence what decisions and choices we make and why we make them.

Our core energy is one of the most important energies we have, if not the most important as it is the energy that actually starts and fuels our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy each day .. yet so many of us do not know much about this 


Our core energy is our inspiration and creativity and our ability to be what and whom we strive to be and it maintains our highest levels of output, so that we get the most from ourselves in every way, pushing our boundaries of knowledge and learning. Core energy will fuel us to challenge ourselves, develop ourselves, motivate ourselves and will fuel our inner power and our desire to create in every positive way.

Our core energy is the unique essence of life contained within ourselves, that is created at our very moment of conception. When we are created at conception our core energy is also created and this core energy will fuel each and every need, want and desire that we have as children and as we grow up into adulthood. From our own moment of creation, the energy that we absorb will either feed our positive core energy, or it will fuel our negative core energy.

As we grow up this negative core energy or positive core energy will help influence our choices and decisions in a positive or negative way. No matter who we are. we all absorb positive and negative energy each and every day. We all fuel our core energy each day or we starve it, and it is this energy that will influence our positive or negative self. Understanding what core energy is and how to fuel, cleanse and heal your core energy is an essential part of healing and personal development and self development.


I always knew I had gifts, and mine was getting stronger so I really wanted to know more about them and how I could use them to heal others. On my personal self-development journey I did a lot of work on the shifts in my mind, removing blockages, and stripping back layers and layers of old belief programs that were not my truth and once these blockages were cleared in my mind I started seeing and feeling things that seemed surreal. My spiritual essence was showing up, my intuition was heightened and I kept feeling more and more connected to the source/ the divine and angels.


I always asked for and still do, that the universe guide and show me what I need for my own growth and I do my very best to not allow myself to get in my own way !!! I asked, “ please show me, I want to know how it can be possible for me to put my hands on someone and heal them, I want to be able to take away their pain” … my prayers got answered with Core Energy Cleansing, I had no idea this was even therapy, but it is and I'm so excited and proud now to be the only person certified in New Zealand to be able to share this healing with you and others.

The reason the universe had guided me to do this particular healing technique,  I believe, was because firstly I work in a way that I like to get results fast, I like my clients to feel instant changes when I work with them and this does exactly that, this removes the blockages of self-sabotage, abundance, love, pain, anger , hurt etc so you see and feel  the results in so many different areas of your life afterward instantly!! To say that I was born to do this is literally true , why ? .. because we all have elements that feed our soul, our energy,  and most of us have the main one and then another, this is either sun moon water or earth, I have 3 elements which are exactly what is required to perform this ancient Egyptian technique, they used to ask if the healers were worthy of learning this , and the only ones worthy were the ones that had 3 elements.


The core energy cleanse will be carried out by a certified core energy cleansing practitioner. They will explain in detail what the treatment will involve and what you should expect to also what you may feel, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. After speaking with your core energy cleanser, they will recommend some options available to you about what treatments or treatments you may need for your positive core energy to be maintained at its highest afterward. 

The treatment may last from 45 mins to over an hour depending on the level of cleansing necessary and also the amount of negative energy blocks you may have (please note that in certain circumstances more than one full core energy cleansing is needed for the persons core energy to be fully cleansed, however your core energy cleanser shall advise you of this). Throughout the session, you'll be in a lying position fully clothed on a treatment couch and all you are required to do is relax, and take some deep breaths when asked to do so. 

Your practitioner will need to touch your arms, legs back and torso which will be shown before the cleanse starts.

Note: we will not be able to perform your cleanse if you have been consuming alcohol or drugs 24 hours before the session time, if this happens and an appointment had been pre-booked there will be no refund given, please respect yourself and the practitioners time and adhere to what is asked so that you can have the most successful experience from your cleanse.


This is for everyone because our core is who we are and we all need and will benefit from a top-up. Often we are wondering why we have no v ava voom in us and its because we are low in our core. 

Children can benefit from this because they take on things that aren’t really them, they may have been around some hard times and created their own blockages unknowingly, this cleanse is great because they  don’t have to talk about their emotions and feelings so they feel at ease to take part , all they need to know is they will feel better afterward, depending on their age and understanding I will talk through with them any blockages I find and reassure them all the way through, and empower them as I feel they need it, for any child of an adult that is having this healing I offer it at a discounted price of $150 for them.

This healing cleanse is for anyone that is suffering from lack of motivation, inspiration, have feelings of anxiety, or depression and sadness, lost their creative flow or productivity,  it also benefits people that are struggling to meditate or connect to their higher selves or spirits.

 This cleanse also gives relief from physical pains in the body because these are just energy blockages which I will remove, and for people that have trouble controlling their emotions like anger or sadness it’s a great way to bring more peace


To inquire about a session with me, click the link below to set up a discovery call. We will see if we are a good fit. Occasionally I am able to come to you to do this depending on how far you are and if you have friends that would also like to receive a cleansing I can come out for a day! The maximum number of cleanses I can complete in a day is 5. There are limited spots and availability. The Core Energy Cleanse is $333 a session.